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Adidas red-black belt Taekwondo Poomsae
Black red belt (1st kup) is the intermediate degree between the red belt and black belt. If the white belt (10th kup) is the starting level for all practitioners of Taekwondo and the penetration times to successive colored belts (in the order: yellow half, yellow, yellow-green, green, green-blue, blue, blue-red, red) can have a relative speed, the time in which a student remains red-black belt can be longer. In this period they must develop the technical and mental skills required to take the exam to become a black belt.
The grades of Taekwondo belts
They are of two types: the degrees Kup and the Dan grades. The Kup depart from the 10th to get the 1st, from yellow belt to red, indicating the degrees of experience of the practitioner. The Dan is the degree of experience of the black belt, the highest reachable belt, and range from 1 ° to 9 °.
The Kup and Dan are obtained with different tests: first, through examinations held in the gymnasium of belonging of students; Dan in the Federation, judged by three teachers with a degree until the 6th Dan.
The 7th Dan is granted by the World Federation.

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