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Approved helmet ADIDAS ADIZERO

Casco adidas adizero for combat sports
The racing helmet adidas adizero is the new license plate protection; It is approved for the races of WAKO - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations and WTF - World Taekwondo Federation.

Available sizes range from XS to XL depending on the chosen color: white, black, red or blue.

This protective helmet is made of PU: 90% ethylene vinyl acetate, 7% polyamide, polyester 2%, 1% rubber.

Guards must preferably be stored in dry and ventilated places (not wet) to help eliminate sweat. Do not wash them in the washing machine but by hand with warm water or diluted dishwashing detergent solution and rinse with cool water; allow to dry at room temperature. Avoid any source of heat or exposure to extreme temperatures.

To choose the best size: check the size fitting the helmet on the head and checking that accompany perfettametne the facial line and cover the fornt and ears.

Before commencing operation, make sure that the helmet does not move and stays in place. Once positioned on the head, the helmet should not interfere with the viewing range of the practitioner.

Matching measures:
XS - 49/52 cm ca
S - 52/55 cm ca
M - 55/58 cm ca
L - 58/61 cm ca
XL - 61/61 cm ca

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  • Model: PRHA2015
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  • Brand: ADIDAS