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Pagamenti Sucuri, Spedizione Gratuita e Consegna in 24 Ore

Products Desciption
Adidas shoes for martial arts "Contestant"
The Contestant adidas are an evolution in the world of martial arts, a unique design for lightness and speed of movement while maintaining a stable support in the forefoot.
The forefoot and the heel reinforcement have points, but the sole is composed of two parts for a better flexibility of the foot during the kick.
The model without laces, white with fluorescent orange reinforcements and presents the mesh inserts for better transpiration of the foot.
The fit of the article is high, thanks to the elastic ankle support.
WARNING: with extended use during training shoes tend to take better shape of the foot, so it is advisable to take the smaller size compared with its usual time of purchase.
Why use the shoes in Taekwondo and martial arts?
The shoes Taekwondo are designed to protect the feet in all training conditions, training conditions in the most secure to the most difficult, even Duranti seminars or intense workouts with difficult and harsh terrain.
Recall that each shoe has its own function: these shoes are not ideal for racing at a competitive level because they have devised a depreciation system for the martial activities and therefore differs dall'ammortizzamento necessary to protect the joints during a long run and intense.

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  • Model: STSA2037
  • 140 Units in Stock
  • Brand: ADIDAS