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Pagamenti Sucuri, Spedizione Gratuita e Consegna in 24 Ore

Products Desciption
Tabi Yoryu MASTER made ​​for training on the mat or wooden floors. Exclusive Design for superior strength thanks to double stitching and fabric in the parts of greatest stress. 
The cotton used while ensuring breathability of consistent thickness with an inner layer it white in color. The sole hemp cotton ensures greater durability and protection. 
Yoryu This product has been designed to provide sturdiness, comfort and adaptability to every practitioner thanks to a convenient adjustable velcro back to better adhere to any ankle. 
These tabi have a special processing to internal seams not to bother with the foot in the front and middle fingers. 
The feeling is that of not having to foot. This article is used in the practice of Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, Aikido, Kendo, Iaido and other traditional Japanese martial arts. 
Color: Black 
The size makes reference to the foot length in centimeters. We recommend measuring your foot to have the best approximation in size to choose from. Velcro adjustable back supports the adaptability of the measurement of your foot.

Additional Information
  • Model: STTYTICT
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  • Brand: YORYU