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Pagamenti Sucuri, Spedizione Gratuita e Consegna in 24 Ore

Products Desciption
Punching bag adidas Canvas CANVAS 120x30 cm
- Made of nylon
- Available in size 120x30 cm approximately
- Included support quadruple chain with swivel hook
Use the bag to train
The bag training plays a vital role in the development of various skills of the fighter, such as strength, muscular explosive strength, the ability to hit moving. This last feature can be coached pushing the bag away from him because, in its oscillations, the bag simulates an opponent who advances and recedes to / from you in a match: a workout like this improves jointly work shift and that of shots, also in combination.
Useful tool for all combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, the bag training provides another mode, very motivating for the athlete: the repetition of specific shots for several series of several minutes each, with the coach or a companion that hold the bag in a manner that enhances the work of power and precision of the shot. The workout partner can spur mate, while the coach can call the shots and improve the technical imperfections.
Obviously these are just two examples of generic, every athlete has to find its own system of ideal training.

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