Gis BJJ ADIDAS Contest JJ430 white

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Kimonos for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Contest adidas JJ430

The Kimonos for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu adidas JJ430 Contest is made with a grain to 450 grams and the fabric is 100% cotton. This reduces the narrowing of the head after the first washing to a minimum variation.

His uniform jacket has the classic adidas 3 stripes embroidered along the shoulders; embroidery of the strips is also present on the legs to mid-thigh from the top.

Perfect for training every day and for competitions.
The reinforcements are present in the jacket, and more specifically on the chest, in the upper back and shoulders; Reinforcements also present on the knees.

Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by JJ430 has quality, durability and unparalleled comfort: lightweight fabric has multiple seams that ensure its resistance even during traction.

Kimono sold without belt and idoneao to IBJJF races.
Sizes reference
A1 - 160 cm
A2 - 170 cm
A3 - 180 cm
A4 - 190 cm

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