Karategi ADIDAS k190sk revo-flex wkf White

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Pagamenti Sucuri, Spedizione Gratuita e Consegna in 24 Ore

Products Desciption
Karategi adidas K190SK REVO-FLEX WKF 
The set consists of a jacket and pants with elastic waist. The belt is not included. 
This suit is approved WKF (World Karate Federation). 
  • Made of 100% polyester 
  • White 
The Japanese word means fighting kumite; Kumite is made from kanji kumi, which means "putting together" and the kanji you, which means "hand."  The kumite is therefore fighting with your hands. 
This new adidas karategi represents the evolution of Karate for athletes and promotes the needs that you have in kumite.

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  • Model: UNKA2054
  • 11 Units in Stock
  • Brand: ADIDAS
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Trama leggerissima quadisi impercettibile al tatto. Consigliatissimo per atleti che cercano grandi range di movimento senza limitazioni. L'acquisto...