Karategi TOKAIDO WKF Kumite Master Pro white

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Products Desciption
Karategi Tokaido WKF Kumite Master Pro
The Tokaido Kumite Karate Master Pro has been designed in collaboration with world-class athletes thanks to which it was possible to work out the details and features that make it a unique product, made using a unique quality of polyester fabric with mesh inserts .
Thanks to this manufacturing process Tokaido has succeeded in developing a karategi so light that you feel just, that still preserves the consistency necessary to the needs of professional athletes. The karategi Master Pro is suitable for karate kumite professionals.
Lightweight polyester that has been developed specifically for international competitions, the weight is only 5 ounces (about 142g). The pants of karategi is extremely comfortable. The combination of fabric and mash ago so the karategi sets quickly. The fabric is treated to avoid shrinkage and even after many washings maintains its initial shape.
This certificate is karategi WKF (World Karate Federation) tested and approved for international competitions.
  • Style: Kumite
  • Weight: Light-5oz 142g
  • White Color.
  • Material: 100% Polyester + Mesh.
  • Packaging: jacket, pants.
  • Certificate WKF

Additional Information
  • Model: UNKT14UA
  • 550 Units in Stock
  • Brand: TOKAIDO