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Yoryushop is the online shop for martial arts, combat sports and sportswear. We specialize in the sale of equipment for Judo, MMA, Karate, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Aikido, BJJ, Boxing, Taekwondo and other traditional Chinese and Japanese martial arts.

We have a large collection of clothing for football, volleyball, tennis and padel. Technical running clothing and Mizuno gym and running shoes.

Mizuno Karate distributor for Italy

Yoryushop is the online shop for Martial Arts and Fighting Sports. Company specializing in the sale of equipment for Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Karate, Judo, Aikido, BJJ, Taekwondo.

Distributors Brand Leone 1947, Venum, Adidas, Kappa, Mizuno, Tokaido, etc.



Mizuno Clothing, Tennis and Padel T-Shirts, Mizuno Sweatshirts, Football Accessories. Mizuno sports suits


Muzuno T-Shirt, Soccer Jerseys, Soccer Shorts, Mizuno, Customizable Jerseys with Print.


Muzuno T-Shirt, volleyball shirts, volleyball shorts, Mizuno, customizable shirts with print.

Tennis & Padel

Tennis shirt, Padel shirt, Mizuno tennis shorts, Tennis skirt.


Running T-Shirts, Running Jerseys, Short Running, Running Mizuno.



Mizuno Running Clothing, Mizuno Bags, Tennis and Padel Jerseys, Mizuno Sweatshirts, Football Accessories, Soccer Jersey. Sweat judo. Tracksuits Mizuno

Technical clothing

Articles of Clothing we have chosen and selected for you to find clothing for all Sports. T-shirts, bermuda shorts and pants


T-shirts and T-Shirt Leone 1947, Venum T-Shirt, T-Shirt, Adidas, T-Shirt, Mizuno Judo, printed t-Shirts, or embroidered. T-Shirts, Karate shirts


Rashguard MMA and Grappling. T-shirt technical fabric, Venum, Leone 1947, Grips. Technical t-shirt for MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling. Rashguard Venum


Sweatshirts Mizuno, Hoodies, Adidas and Lion-1947 for martial arts. Hoodies Kick Boxing, Hoodies, Thai Boxing, Hoodies Muay Thai, Hoodies, karate, Sweatshirts judo.


Tracksuits Mizuno, tracksuits adidas, Leone 1947. Suits, Mizuno judo, adidas Kick Boxing Suits, Thai Boxing, track Suits Muay Thai. Technical fabrics


Mizuno jackets, K-Way, Mizuno jackets and ADIDAS, Team and LEONE 1947 duvets that we have chosen and selected for you. Mizuno Judo Jackets

Bags and Backpacks

Bags and Backpacks Adidas and Lion, 1947. Bags Mizuno suitable for Martial Arts practitioners. duffel bag Karate bag, Judo, Kick Boxing, bag Boxing, Muay Thai

Protective masks

Surgical masks, washable masks, customized sports and martial arts masks. Judo mask, Volleyball mask, soccer mask.


We have selected Mizuno Caps, Running Socks, Leone 1947 Gym Towels, Mizuno Neck Cover and Hats. Custom masks of your martial art.



Martial Arts and Fighting Pants, Full Contact, Kick Bad Boy Boxing, Thai Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA. Online sale of Uniforms Lion 1947


Collection of shorts for the Boxe of the brand Leone 1947, Bad Boy. Short in technical fabric of the Lion 1947 and Bad Boy to match with the tank tops.

Budo Kung Fu

Pants for Kung Fu and Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, Budo, kung Fu. Good quality cotton products 100%. Online selling

Judo Karate

Pants for Martial Arts, Adidas Karate, Judo Mizuno. High quality and affordable prices. Yoryushop online shop.

MMA BJJ Compression

Trousers and Short Compression for bad boy and venus mma. Short Bad Boy Compression MMA, BJJ and Grappling. Venum Compression Shorts Collections.

MMA Short

Venus Shorts, Lion 1947 and Bad Boy. Short MMA, BJJ and Grappling Bad Boy. Venum Shorts Collections, Leo Shorts 1947.

Full contact

Trousers for Full Contact and Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Muay Thai. Adidas Uniform Sale for Combat Sports

Thai Kick K1

Pants for Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and Thai Boxing. Short Leo 1947 Thai Training and Boxing Boxing. Shorts Muay Thai Bad Boy


Sports shorts Mizuno. Short fit for all sports. Mizuno and Bad Boy's Sports and Leisure Trousers Collection.



Adidas shoes, Mizuno shoes, Diadora shoes, Lion shoes, discover our selection of sport shoes made specifically for you.

Sports shoes

Sports Shoes: men and women running shoes, sneakers, all Adidas, Mizuno, Diadora models, choose the model that best suits your needs.

Mizuno Shoes

Buy Mizuno shoes for men or women online. Mizuno shoes for running, sport or leisure. Technical gym shoes and runnig.

Boxing Shoes

Boxing Shoes, Boxing Shoes, Adidas Boxing Shoes. Only in our store find the latest models of the best brands.

Kung Fu

Quality shoes for Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice. Selected by our experience to guarantee maximum comfort and sturdiness.


ZOORI: Traditional Japanese shoes used by Martial Arts practitioners. The zoors in the catalog are straw like tradition



Judogi and Kimoni Online Sale: kimono jiu jitsu and judogi adidas approved, Karategi, kung fu uniforms approved and approved by federations.

Judo Aikido

Judogi Adidas, Judogi Kappa and Judogi Mizuno. Online sale of Judogi adidas, Kappa and Mizuno approved by IJF International Judo Federation, Judogi Yoryu.

BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Online sale Kimono Jiu Jitsu: Uniforms, for the BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice of the brands Yoryu, Adidas, Venum, Tatami and Grips.


Karategi and karate kimono: Tokaido, kimono karate Adidas, Karategi Mizuno. Karate uniforms and kimons are all WKF (World Karate Federation) homologated.

Budo Taijutsu Ninjutsu

Uniforms and keikogi for the practice of Ninpo Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Uniforms of different fabrics and weight to give you the choice of choice.


Sale of Traditional Japanese Hakama for Akido, Kendo, Ninjutsu, used in many traditional Martial Arts, It can be of various colors.

Taekwondo Dobok

Taekwondo Dobok Uniforms: Kimonos specific for Taekwondo practice, Dobok ADIDAS approved WTF. Taekwondo uniforms at competitive price.

Kung Fu Tai Chi

Online Sale Uniforms for Kung Fu or Tai CHI Practice. Kung Fu uniforms and kimons of various fabrics and colors.

Accessories Ninjutsu

Online sale of accessories for kimono and keikog uniforms for Budo and Ninjutsu practice.


Karate belts, bjj belts, judo belts: we have many models and sizes of martial arts belts, even customizable on request.



Fitness Equipment, Martial Arts. Wooden Weapons, Plastic Weapons, Medical Items. Weapons for Kobudo, Karate, Bokken, Boxing Bags, Thai Oil

Equipment Martial Arts

Training Arms for Training Martial Arts Budo Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Shinai Kendo, Bokken Aikido and Iaido. Ken Iwama Ryu

Enclosures Weapons

Cases for weapons, katana bag, bokken and nunchaku case made of leather or vinyl. Costodies used by Martial Arts practitioners such as Aikido, Kobudo

Jump ropes

Training Ropes Bad Boy, Venum, Leone 1947. Tools for the practice of martial arts and combat sports.


Makiwara for martial arts. Original hunters for Karate Badboy, Adidas and Lion also for Full contact, Thai Boxing, Taekwondo.

Medical Articles

Medical Training Articles. Bleeding ice, Medical bags suitable for all Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

Tools Training

Retractors and Training Tools in Fitness, Functional and Crossfit. Supports for Flexions, Double Abdominal Wheel, Kettlebell for Crossfit

Pao Hitters

Pao Bad Boy, Past Gloves, leone 1947 Venus Shields and Venus selected for Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing or Muay Thai, Karate WKF and Tekwondo WTF

Stand Katana

Stand for Katana or Bokken show. Made of lacquered wood with decorations. Support for 1 table katana, Wall stands Wooden supports.


Tatami for Dojo and Gym. Wide range for all Martial Arts. Trocellen guarantees high quality. Approved IJF, WKF.

Weights and power-ups

Workout Tools. Weights for wrists and ankles. Hardeners for hands. Fitness equipment

Bags Training

Boxing bags for training. Wide range of boxing training items. 1947 Boxing Bag Sacks, Earth Bags and Boxer Pears



Leone gloves and martial arts guards: training gloves, boxing gloves, bands and strings, for the practice of martial arts.

Bandages Undergloves

Bandages, bands and sub-strings: strips, bands 3,5 mt. or 4 mt, padding padded in gel used by large training or racing champions.


Thai Boxing Shoe, Muay Thai Shoe: Selected for you, the shoes from Leo, Bad Boy, for Thai Boxe or Muay Thai.

Boxing Head Guards

Boxing Head Guards: Boxing Helmets, Head Guards and full Masks Leone, Venum, Adidas and Vandal selected for you for Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Thai Boxing.


We sell anklets Leone and Venum selected for you to Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Elastic ankles for all sports.


Online Protectors & Shells: Thai Boxing Shells, Muay Thai Shells and other fighting sports.


Online sale Karate WKF approved body parts, part of Karate WKF caps. In this category Karate Bodies, Parasole and Bust Caps.

Knee pads

We sell Knee pads and Muay Thai clothing, MMA clothing with the utmost flexibility and comfort. for ground training.

Bag Gloves

Online sale of bag gloves, bag mitts choose from our selection of the best brands: Leone 1947 gloves, Bad Boy mitts, Venum, Vandal.

Fitness Gloves Gym

Online sell Fitness Gloves and Gym Gloves: Discover our selection of Leo gloves 1947, and Bad Boy.

Gloves Karate Taekwondo

WKF-approved Karate gloves and Taitwondo approved WTF gloves and mitts of the finest brands Yoryu, Tokaido, Kappa, Adidas, Wacoku and Vandal.

MMA gloves

Online sale of MMA gloves: we have Leone 1947 gloves, Bad Boy gloves, MMA and other combat sports. Discover all models.

Boxing Gloves

Online sale Boxing gloves: Boxing gloves Leone 1947 line, can be used for all combat sports such as Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing or Muay Thai mitts.

Punch Pad and Kick Mitts

Punch pads, perfect for hitting techniques with mitt trainig. Punch pads for boxe Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMA training and other combat sports.


Professional boxing mouthguards: Protect your mouth with a mouthguard boxing Leone or Venum. Choose an MMA mouthguard to train yourself safely.


Discover our selection of professional muay thai shin-guards, shin-guards Leone and Venum. Protect your workouts with padded shin-guards.

Arm Guards

The Taekwondo and Karate Arms Guards your forearm to prevent any kind of injury during your workouts. Thanks to their ergonomic design, these protectors



Articles for Oriental Culture lovers. Keychain Leone 1947 Diplomas for Martial Arts, Karate Uniforms, Uniforms Aikido, Budo Pins, Kung Fu

Diplomas Dojo

Diplomas for graduation, degrees for participation, graduation degrees. Made of elegant cardboard. Competitions certificates

Technical Books

Technical Books for Ninjutsu Practice. Manual TEN WHO JIN Ryaku No Maki. Dr. Hatsumi transcribes his teachings.


Key Ring for Martial Arts Practitioners and Combat Sports, Ninjutsu Keychain. Keychain Boxing Gloves


Pins for Martial Arts lovers, Tao brooch, Ninjutsu brooch, Kung Fu brooch, Karate and Judo. Gift gadgets.


Embroidered Badges for Martial Arts. Karate, Judo, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Federation Badges


Embroidery belts, kanji on kimoni and hakama. personalization with embroidery on uniforms and belts.


Personalized mugs. Judo Mug, Karate Mug, Budo Mug, Christmas Mug, Jujitsu Ceramic Mug.


The personalized water bottle is an excellent item for all sportsmen or gadgets to give away.



Promotional kit dedicated to Martial Arts and Combat Sports practitioners. Boxing, MMA, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, BJJ

Kit Boxing

Promotional Kit Department dedicated to all Boxing, Boxing and Ring Sports practitioners.

Kit Thai Kick K1

Promotional Kit department dedicated to all practitioners of Thai, Kick Boxing, K1 and Combat Sports.

Kit Judo

Promotional Kit department dedicated to all Judo practitioners. Created to meet the needs of judoka practitioners at promotional prices.

Kit Karate

Promotional kit department dedicated to all Karate practitioners. Sets created to meet the needs of karate practitioners at promotional prices.



Outlet of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, Duffle Bags, Lion Gloves 1947, BJJ kimonos, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and Muay Thai.