Karate Mizuno

In this department we have the Karategi Mizuno, karate kimono brand Mizuno model Toshi WKF for kumite and the model Mizuno Kime WKF for katà. Karate uniforms and kimonos are WKF (World Karate Federation) approved. The most prestigious models used by many international athletes. Mizuno karategi are made in a very technical way both for new karateka and for advanced athletes agonists for karate kumite and katà.

In the Mizuno karate line there are also karate protections such as kumitè karate gloves and red and blue karate shin guards as well as WKF approved blue belts, WKF approved red belts and WKF approved black belts for international competitions.

YoryuShop is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Mizuno's Karate line.

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