Gloves Karate Taekwondo

In this department you will find gloves and mitts of Karate gloves and gloves for Taekwondo of the best brands Yoryu, Tokaido, Kappa, Adidas, Wacoku and Vandal. We have selected for you only WKF approved Karate gloves and quality WTF approved Taekwondo gloves.

The differences are in the materials used for the realization such as the Sintex Pu or Leather but also in the protection of the thumb or not. Professional Karate WKF Gloves of the best brands. Yoryu, Tokaido, Kappa, Adidas, Wacoku. Used by large champions in racing or Karate training and Taekwondo.

Gloves Karate Taekwondo

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